• Your One-Stop Vape Shop
    After you find your perfect vaping device from our extensive selection, it's time to start vaping with one of our custom juices. We make all of our flavors in-store and can customize your amount of nicotine or flavoring. Whether you're looking to quit smoking, or if you are interested for a cleaner alternative to smoking, we're your one-stop vape shop. With almost 100 flavors to choose from, and new flavors every couple of weeks, we're proud to say Custom Vapors offers the best flavor selection in all of Owensboro.

Products & Services

  • Flavor List *** New Flavors!

    Apple Jacks
    Apple Pie***
    Apple Throwdown***
    Bahama Mama
    Banana Split
    Berry Banana
    Black Cherry
    Black Raspberry
    Blueberry Pomegranate
    Blueberry Waffle
    Butter Pecan
    Butter Rum
    Caramel Apple***
    Cherry Blast
    Coffee & Cream
    Cotton Candy
    Crème brûlée
    Crème de Menthe
    Dairy Maiden***
    Dragon's Egg
  • Branded E-Juice: We sell the following brands and flavors

    Suicide Bunny
    Mothers Milk, OB, Madrina, Sucker Punch
    Eros, Colossus, Athena, Artemis, Poseidon
    Unicorn Milk, Monster Melons, Sugar Bear, Bosse Reserve
    Northern Lights
    Oculus, Bear Claw, Vanillawesome, $100 Apple Pie
    Pony On Acid, Good Vibes, Lick It, Mafia Princessn
    RNR Generals
    Cream, Vanilla Custard
    On the Money

  • Extreme Ice
    Fruit Loops
    Grape Bazooka
    Green Apple
    Gummy Bear
    Jolly Rancher
    Juicy Fruit
    Juicy Peach
    Kahlua & Cream
    Melon Mania***
    Monster Berry
    Papa Smurf***
    Peanut Butter
    Peppermint Bark
    Peppermint Crush
    Pina Colada
    Pineapple Peach
    Polar Ice
    Red Hots
    Red Velvet Cake

  • Tobacco Flavors

    Black Honey Tobacco - 18, 24 Mg
    Custom Blend - 18 Mg
    Havana - 18 Mg
    M'boro Lights - 18 Mg
    M'boro Lights Menthol - 18 Mg
    M'boro Red - 24 Mg
    M'boro Red Menthol - 24 Mg
    M'boro Ultra Lights - 11 Mg
    Menthol - 18 Mg
    My/4 - 9, 18, 24 Mg
    New Wave*** - 18 Mg
    USA Blend - 18 Mg
    White Stag - 18 Mg

  • BRV e-liquids
    Vape for a Cause
    Colonel's Custard
    Chesty's Punch

    * All proceeds donated to military veterans!

  • Ripe Strawberry
    Rum & Coke
    Salted Caramel
    Strawberry Banana
    Strawberry Banana Taffy
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Margarita
    Strawberry Mojito
    Strawberry Kiwi
    Sweet Tart
    Tiger's Blood
    Toffee Dream Cream
    Tropic Thunder***
    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
    Vanilla Coke
    Waffle & Maple
    Watermelon Ice
    White Choc. Strawberry

  • Products

    Vape Starter Kits
    Our kits are available as both single and double kits with battery sizes of
    650mAh, or 1100mAh.

  • Services

    Custom Orders
    Have a certain type of battery in mind? At Customs Vapors we will customize your kit to suit your taste. Don't see it in our store? We'll find it for you. We also take flavor requests so come on by and let us know what interests you!
    Battery Service
    Having trouble with your battery that you recently bought from us? Bring it by the shop! We will happily take a look and see if we can fix it.